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Written by: sun-to-sirius

Prompt: Post season finale, Hannibal doesn’t wake up on a plane heading towards Europe. Instead he wakes up in a small bedroom and to his surprise, the smiling face of his mother. She greets him when he leaves the room, teasing him in english that he woke up after his sister.

He learns that it’s his first day at his new school and that his sister already left to go to hers. To sate his curiosity, he leaves for the high school. The halls are filled with familiar faces. From the living figure of Beverly Katz to the more unexpected individuals, serial killers caught or killed during his time with the FBI. He even sees a toddler Abigail in a photography on the desk of his home economics teacher.

Hannibal notes the glaring absence of Will Graham. The day ends and he goes back to the place where he woke up feeling unusually drained. He enters the house and hears Mischa yell from the second floor that his cell has been ringing. When he looks to see who called him, he sees Will’s name.

Ok so this chick is the best prompt giver I think I have ever met in my life, her prompts are always insanely detailed and stories in and of themselves. It was an honor to get this one and more is coming I promise! I hope you like how it starts, though <3”

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